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New children’s book – Organic Ollie

From Farm to Table: Organic Ollie makes healthy eating fun!

We are delighted to introduce Organic Ollie, a new children’s book focused on healthy eating.

Are you looking for a book to encourage your child to crunch their carrots, sip their smoothie and eat their watermelon?

Organic Ollie children's book on healthy eating

With sweet apples, rustic root vegetables and juicy berries, Organic Ollie demonstrates just how easy it is to prepare fun, deliciously nutritious meals; fostering an interest in food preparation and helping little ones to develop a healthy relationship with food.

Young readers will find familiarity in Organic Ollie’s ingredients and explore slightly unusual meal ideas using fruit and vegetables. Does a watermelon pizza sound exciting? Perhaps you would prefer mango salsa?

Organic Ollie is a young farmer hoping to secure an extra Squishy Tomato star for his wondrous cooking delights. But will he win the highly coveted third star? That will be for the grumpy judge to decide.

With its wholesome story, fun rhyming text and vibrant illustrations, this children’s book is the perfect introduction to healthy eating.

Organic Ollie is now available to order! Click here to order from Amazon UK, Amazon US, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, or visit a different Amazon marketplace and simply search ‘Organic Ollie book’.

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